I like few things more than food shopping. Record shopping has the edge, I s’pose, but I really do enjoy pushing my trolley up and down the aisles of Foodland, spending my lunchbreak in an Afghani grocers or comparing fermented tofu brands in an Asian supermarket.

As a result, I can be a bit of an over-shopper. The cupboards are always well-stocked with all sorts of lovely stuff. Over the past year or so, I’ve tried to rein in the amount of vegetables that go into the compost bin by making what I call my Punishment Soup.

Basically, it’s a soup made using all the veggies which are going soft in the fridge. It’s different every time and always bloody lovely. I tend to freeze it in portions and take it to work to reheat, where people frequently exclaim, “Ooh that smells nice”, and I then feel obliged to explain what it is, which leads to a conversation with my colleagues in my unpaid break time, which, my friends, is The Punishment!

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